Who We Are

Welcome to the new branch of our Café located near Bhawanipur. Bohemain Café is a multi-cuisine café serving some of the best food from Continental, Chinese, Italian, Mexican & Other cuisines. It offers some of the best choices for Coffee, Tea, Mocktails and other refreshing beverages. Enjoy to the fullest with some of the best Hookah flavours available. Yes! We are serving Hookah here. Have Food, Drinks and Hookah with your friends.

In this new outlet we provide more choices and more fun. Get the feel of both a Café and a Hookah Bar at Bohemian Café, Allenby Road. Enjoy the awesome ambience and the peaceful environment of our café. Sitting arrangements are available both inside and outside. Enjoy the great ambience inside the café or spend a quiet and peaceful time in the balcony outside. There are 2 floors in this new café. So, there is a lot of space to sit, chill and relax. All our prices are reasonable and pocket-friendly. Our café truly has some awesome interiors. You’ll have to see to believe. Come and visit to have a really good time with friends and/or family.

We offer multiple flavours of Hookah. You can sit back, enjoy and have a time to remember. You’ll definitely want to come back for more. The café is located at the heart of the city in the Bhawanipur Area. The location is easily accessible through any form of transport. Buses, Cabs, Bikes or Metro are easily accessible. The new Bohemian Café outlet is located close to both Netaji Bhawan and Rabindra Sadan Metros.

Have more fun and great experiences every time at Bohemian Café, Allenby Road.

Our offerings

We offer some of the best food options in Continental, Chinese, Italian, Mexican & Other cuisines. We serve lip-smacking Starters that leave you craving for more. Our Main Course meals satisfy your taste-buds and your appetite. There are some awesome choices in Mexican, Chinese or Continental that we offer. Our Combos are not only great in value but will also blow your mind. We serve some of the most Mouth-watering and scrumptious Pizzas and Pastas. Have some delicious Burgers and Fries that just pleases your heart and soul. The food prices are just right and reasonable. Just enjoy the good food. This doesn’t end here! There are even more awesome food options available for you.

Enjoy some of the most refreshing Mocktails and Mojitos. Relax and chill with some of the best drinks that we serve. Do you love Tea or Coffee? Then you can enjoy some of the best Tea and Coffee choices ever. We also serve totally delicious flavourful Milkshakes and more. There are also some awesome desserts to try out. Satisfy your sweet-tooth with awesome choices for brownies, ice-creams and much more.

Chill, Relax and Have Fun with Hookah. Yes! We are serving Hookah here. Enjoy some of the best Hookah flavours available in town. Our Hookah offerings are just out of this world. Spend some amazing time with friends and chill your mind. Bohemian café offers Hookah for unlimited fun.

All our items are reasonably charged. They make sure that you can enjoy without having to worry about your pockets. This is a one stop destination for good Food, good Drinks and great Hookah.

Visit Bohemian Café, Allenby Road and have an Awesome Time. Celebrate the Bohemian in you! Enjoy life to the fullest!


Being Bohemian means living a life that is unconventional, often with other like-minded people, friends or partners. Bohemianism is associated with adventure, enjoyment, travel, exploring life and other things that excite the human spirit. It is opposed to being conventional. Hence it celebrates unconventional and free-spirited living.

The term ‘Bohemian’ originated in France in the mid-19th Century and was later adopted in English. It is a lifestyle that celebrates freedom above everything. Freedom to living, freedom of choice, freedom of expression, freedom of enjoying life, freedom of knowledge and freedom of being. It is un-traditional and un-orthodox in every sense.

Bohemian refers to a culture that includes music, art, literature, spiritualism and food among other things. It is all about celebrating non-traditional life. Celebrating lives that are not bound by social rules that limit all human beings in many different ways. However, Bohemianism is also means learning about life in a different way. Through music, art, culture, food and drinks. It is about finding more freedom in understanding the world and nature.

It’s about being a vagabond and exploring new places, people, things, ideas, nature and redefining life. So, it is not just about being a wanderer or vagabond and just enjoying life. It is more about living, exploring and understanding life through unconventional and non-traditional paths. It is also about challenging rules and being free spirited. Being quite different from what society expects a person to be. Bohemianism celebrates youth and the adventurous, fearless spirit of young people.

So, it is all about being young in spirit, free-spirited at heart, unconventional in choices and adventurous in life.





Location 1: Bohemian Café- Beside South City Mall- Lane next to Petrol Station
Location 2: 1 Allenby Road, Kolkata-700020
Contact Number: 9831727100